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Welcome to We Love Kids Child Care

We Love Kids Child Care is a locally-owned child care center situated in a safe and accessible area of Phoenix, Arizona. We are an established child care center known to provide comprehensive and established child care to children in the counties of Arizona.

Our child care center has been operating for years, that is why we have known by heart the kind of care that every parent wants for their child. At We Love Kids Child Care, we value your child as much as you value them, so their welfare is also our top priority. Our day care programs are tailored according to their age and interest. We provide them with age appropriate activities so they can very much enjoy their stay with us.

Our program ranges from Infant Care, Toddler, Preschool, Before and After Care and Summer Camp. Here at We Love Kids Child Care, we take importance not only in giving your child the care he/she needs, but also their development in their social, emotional and psychological aspects.

We believe that parents play a big part in their child’s growth development, that is why we encourage them to monitor their child as often as possible. For parents who want to know the behavior, skills and other newly discovered talents of their little angel, you can Meet our Staff and personally be updated about your child.

Tour our Facility

We Love Kids Child Care is located in 19th Ave Ste. 120 Phoenix, Arizona. Visit us today and check out our kid-friendly facility specially created for your child's convenience.

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